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Hi, welcome to Antarctic Design. We’re visual branding, web and mobile experts who work closely with clients to create awesome design. We work with the best and create brands, websites, and apps our clients simply love.

Our specialty is in the sciences, as you'll see from our large portfolio which includes work for Oxford University, CERN and Harvard University). Our clients enjoy working with us due to our innate understanding of a wide variety of domains and their associated user base including computer science, biology and physics.


Antarctic Design was formed in 2009 by Eamonn Maguire and is located in Oxford, UK. Eamonn has a BSc in Computer Science and a MRes in Bioinformatics. He has previously worked at CERN and EMBL-EBI and is currently a researcher in bioinformatics and cyber security at the University of Oxford where he is also in the process of completing a DPhil in Computer Science. His background in cross disciplinary work and academia puts him in a perfect position to drive your project forward.

We are a small team, but our size makes us incredibly agile. Our turnaround times are quick, and we're highly interactive and available when you need us. We're sure you'll enjoy working with us!

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If you've come this far in your travels of the Antarctic, you're probably interested in hiring us!

So, if you'd like more information, a quote or just fancy having a chat, please drop us an email, tweet, or facebook us by clicking the appropriate link in the top right of the page. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.